Course Description

The Drama Box

The Drama Box was created by managing director Kirsten McCrossan. Kirsten is a dedicated and passionate drama practitioner who established The Drama Box to help promote more drama across education by providing fun, relaxed and useful training sessions that are uplifting, confidence-building and a good laugh too! She has built a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the nurturing, creative and pupil-led approach to drama which Kirsten is an advocate for.   The Drama Box has developed an Online Learning Area which includes our brand new Online Drama Starter Pack, our Teachers' Online Course and our Drama Progression Framework. The Online Drama Starter Pack has been designed for both educators who are not sure where to begin when it comes to exploring and delivering drama and for those who are looking for some inspiration!"Nothing short of inspirational." Peter Kelly, Curriculum Development Officer, South Lanarkshire Council"Kirsten is an expert in her field. Her working results are incredible to witness and she has had some of the most outstanding comments from Ofsted Inspectors who have assessed her workshops. Kirsten is a true professional and a credit to the arts." Angela Salkeld, Theatre Arts School Owner, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne"Kirsten's deliverance of techniques needed for improv comedy and acting in general are some of the best and most unique ways I've been taught at drama." Calum Johnston, Former Pupil, Musselburgh, East Lothian"The confidence my son has in performance now, definitely stems from the nurturing approach delivered by Kirsten in the beginning. I highly recommend drama for all children and especially recommend Kirsten." Jane Chrumka, Parent of Former Pupil, Edinburgh City

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Hello & Welcome!

    • How is the course is structured?

    • Terms of Use

  • 2

    First Up... The Warm-Up!

    • The Warm-Up: Introduction

  • 3

    Warm-Up Part 1: Start, Stop, Switch & Clap

    • Creativity knows no limits...

    • Start, Stop, Switch & Clap: Introduction

    • The Skills Involved/Key Learning Opportunities

    • Start, Stop, Switch, Clap: In Action

    • Start, Stop, Switch & Clap: Recap

    • Top Tips: Start, Stop, Switch & Clap

    • Start, Stop, Switch & Clap: Downloadable Notes

    • Well Done, Part 1 Complete!

  • 4

    Warm-Up Part 2: People to People

    • You can't use up creativity...

    • People to People: Introduction

    • The Skills Involved/Key Learning Opportunities

    • People to People: In Action

    • People to People: Recap

    • Top Tips: People to People

    • People to People: Downloadable Notes

    • Woo Hoo!

  • 5

    Warm-Up Part 3: Vocal Warm-Up

    • Only one voice...

    • Vocal Warm-Up: Introduction

    • Example Sound 1: Aaagh!

    • Example Sound 2: Aww!

    • Example Sound 3: Eww!

    • Remote Control Technique

    • Remote Control Technique: Recap

    • The Skills Involved/Key Learning Opportunities

    • Vocal Warm-Up: In Action

    • Vocal Warm-Up: Recap

    • Vocal Warm-Up: Downloadable Notes

    • Part 3 Complete!

  • 6

    Warm-Up Part 4: On Stage

    • Be an encourager!

    • What is Presenting & Performing?

    • On Stage: Introduction

    • The Skills Involved/Key Learning Opportunities

    • On Stage: In Action

    • On Stage: Recap

    • On Stage: Downloadable Notes

    • A-maz-ing!

  • 7

    Full Warm-Up

    • Full Warm-Up (Longer Example)

    • Full Warm-Up (Shorter Example)

    • Warm-Up Complete!

  • 8

    Section Two: The Image Game

    • Living a creative life...

    • What is Movement?

    • The Skills Involved/Key Learning Opportunities

    • Image Game: Introduction

    • Image Game: In Action

    • Top Tips: The Image Game

    • The Image Game: Downloadable Notes

    • Ta-dah! Section Two Complete!

  • 9

    Section 3: Improvisation

    • What is Improvisation?

  • 10

    Section 3- Improvisation Part 1: Introduction

    • Imagination...

    • Improvisation: Introduction

    • Introduction to Improvisation: Downloadable Notes

    • Easy!

  • 11

    Section 3- Improvisation Part 2: Starter Lines

    • Starter Lines: Introduction

    • The Skills Involved/Key Learning Opportunities

    • Starter Line Example 1: Beetle

    • Starter Line Example 2: Box

    • Starter Line Example 3: Diva

    • Starter Lines (with full class): In Action

    • Starter Lines: Downloadable Notes

    • The sky is the limit?

  • 12

    Section 3- Improvisation Part 3: Improtate

    • Improtate: Introduction & In Action

  • 13

    Section Four: The Blank Page/Blank Stage

    • Permission to dream...

    • Blank Page/Blank Stage: Introduction

    • Blank Page/Blank Stage: In Action

    • Blank Page/Blank Stage: Downloadable Notes

  • 14

    And Finally...

    • Congratulations!

    • Now you are finished, whats next?